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About Max

  • Max McMurdo

    Max McMurdo established reestore ltd in 2003 when he became uneasy at the consumption focused ways of the traditional design world.

    Having graduated from Bournemouth University with a 2:1 degree in product design and visualisation Max had soon followed his boyhood dream and was designing cars in Cologne, Germany. He noticed that German culture was way ahead of Britain in terms of re-use and recycling.

    Max returned to the UK and set up reestore with the purpose of designing and manufacturing a range of high end desirable furniture items created from waste destined for landfill. Max was keen to show that “eco friendly products do not need to be made from mud and hemp, they can be contemporary, stylish and desirable as well as taking the environment into consideration”.

  • Max McMurdo

    By 2007 reestore had won several design awards and featured in many galleries and exhibitions however it was barely covering the overheads, Max decided to pitch reestore on BBC's Dragons' Den where he secured investment from Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis.

    With their investment and input reestore has grown from a hobby fuelled by passion to one of the UK’s most respected and renowned designers and manufacturers of upcycled products. reestore now have a client list that includes ‘The Body Shop’ who have purchased over 200 bath tub chairs for their stores worldwide, completed several installations for Google’s head offices globally and recently won gold at the Chelsea Flower show with Kate Gould Gardens.

  • Max McMurdo

    Max blames his success on his parents who taught him the core values of consumption and re-use from a very young age, "make do and mend was an integral part of my childhood" Max states with pride. "I was always wearing socks that had been darned or a handed down Pringle jumper with sewn on elbow patches, my dad was a war time baby so you looked after what you had and fixed it if it broke!" "Mum would never get to use washing up liquid from the bottle as I'd decant it into a mug so I could turn the bottle into a rocket or space ship!"

    Max still heads up the business with support from a skilled team of designers and fabricators. Having featured on George Clarkes amazing spaces in 2012 Max is now sharing his time between managing reestore, designing lots of fantastic new products, sipping lattes in his upcycled shipping container office in his back garden and most recently as a TV presenter on Channel 4. Whatever next!

TV & Media

  • Max and George Clarke

    Ok lets be honest, this TV lark has all happened by mistake, Max is not a qualified 'journo', presenter or trained actor!

    Max first appeared on our screens in 2007 when he bravely (read naively!) ventured into the den to face the fiery Dragons on BBC 2's Dragons' Den. He was pitching his eco friendly furniture design business reestore ltd and in particular his new carrier bag recycling bin. Two hours and a lot of sweating later he left the den with two new business partners and £50,000 to expand his business.

  • Max and Kirstie Allsop

    Max’s successful appearance in the den combined with the increased trend in repurposing and upcycling led to a lot of interest from production companies worldwide who wanted to film Max designing and producing his creations, first up was George Clarkes ‘Amazing Spaces’ for channel 4. Max decided to build himself a home office from a used shipping container (as you do!) complete with bi-fold doors, solar panels and a moss roof. Max’s youthful enthusiasm and somewhat accidental charm caught the eye of the nation, in particular Kirstie Allsopp who was on the look out for a sidekick for her new show.

  • Affectionately referred to by Kirstie as the "Furniture Hacker" Max has recently appeared on our screens as an upcycling design expert for channel 4’s ‘fill your house for free’. The show has been a huge ratings success and as a result you will likely be seeing a lot more of "Mad Max" on your screens soon where he will be inventing, designing, upcycling, furniture hacking and generally being creative.

    Max now also enjoys writing columns for the local press and magazines on all things upcycling, eco and entrepreneurial. If you want to discuss TV show ideas with Max or just put him on the telly then please

  • Kirstie's Fill your house for free

    Meet the experts: Max McMurdo

  • Dragons Den Series 5 Max McMurdo and Reestore Ltd

    Geroge Clarkes' Amazing Spaces


  • Entrepreneurship

    Following Max's appearance on Dragons Den he found that his weird and wonderful journey to entrepreneurship was quite a useful and somewhat inspirational story for students.

    Max now enjoys spending time visiting schools discussing some of the following:

    • Starting a business from scratch with no formal training
    • His victorious appearance on Dragons' Den where he secured investment from Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis
    • Going from a shed in his Mum and Dads' back garden to trading worldwide
    • Creativity versus commerciality

    Max is very engaging and at times a little too excitable but is extremely passionate about encouraging our future generations of entrepreneurs. Talks can be from as little as a 20 minute assembly, to a complete days workshop and even hosting award ceremonies. WARNING, he does drink a lot of tea!

  • Junk modelling

    Max remembers fondly as a kid making no end of crazy contraptions out of toilet rolls, cereal boxes and washing up liquid bottles. Now he is on a mission to drag kids away from their xwiiplayboxes and get their creative juices flowing with some fun, occasionally messy and inspiring junk modelling challenges. These events can suit any age group and range from a short session with the young ones making upcycled little creatures all the way through to designing a product suitable for market - including branding, cash flow forecasts and presenting in a den style pitch to a panel of teachers and governors.


  • If you are a fan of the standard style of key note speaking then please don't read on, Max's talks tend to be a little outside the box!

    Max has entertained many corporate crowds from Barclays bank and Starbucks to the Financial times.

    With no formal business training, Max talks about the trials and tribulations associated with setting up a small business, lack of support from banks (that went down well at Barclays!) and the key skills and attributes he believes it takes to become an entrepreneur. At times Max is brutally honest and even talks about the really tough times when he tried to give up with his dream. An all round entertaining listen which has been enjoyed by many.

  • Max also likes to recall in detail his experience in the den, the fake stairs and running off with Theo's cash!

    Talks and durations can be completely tailored to suit your audience. Pre and post watershed versions may differ slightly ;)

    Naturally Max will wear some daft trousers and bring his own chair!

    Please email: if you are interested

Product design

  • fat bird

    Believe it or not Max is an actual real life product designer too!

    Max has a 2:1 degree in product design and visualisation from Bournemouth University and he's not afraid to use it. He has also designed cars for Rover and Ford in both an engineering capacity and even graced their styling studios.

  • fat bird

    Although most of his upcycled creations are low volume and at times completely bespoke he has also designed for batch and mass production. From his Dragons' Den famous Ben the bin, to novelty egg cups, mugs and tents to his latest product named 'fat bird' which has sold over 50,000 units. To view some of his upcycled designs please visit

    If you would like to speak to max about product design or see if he would be interested in designing a product for you please


If you would like Max to attend your event or are interested in discussing any TV or journalism opportunities please contact Debbie Catchpole: or call 020 3861 8200

For all design based questions or projects please

To view some of his upcycled designs please

If you would like Max to attend your event or are interested in discussing any TV or journalism opportunities please contact Debbie or call 020 3861 8200

For all design based questions or projects please

To view some of his upcycled designs please